First Photos Of Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs Circulate The Net


Spotted on the streets of LA on Friday and snapped by TMZ, the first photos of Two And A Half Men star Ashton Kutcher dressed in-character as the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs have come to fruition. The 34-year old dons Jobs’s trademark (and now iconic) get-up; comprising black turtleneck sweater, faded jeans and white sneakers as he makes his way back to the set of one of two biopics currently in the works, tentatively entitled Jobs: Get Inspired.

Documenting the life of Steve Jobs from free-spirited hippie to the motivated, inspirational and intense figure that went on to co-found Apple in his Palo Alto garage in 1976, Jobs is being directed by The Guardian’s Joshua Michael Stern and will be going up against financial heavyweight Sony Pictures in the Steve Jobs biopic stakes.

Though that particular production is likely to see its release a short while after, you’d expect Sony to pull out all the stops in one-upping its rival picture. Sony Pictures not only ought to have a bigger budget to play with, but also has the means and experience to attract the very biggest Hollywood talent - not least Academy Award winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who is rumoured to be in talks – for projects like this. In 2010, the studio was behind the film charting the rise of Facebook, The Social Network, which Sorkin also wrote.

Nevertheless, if anything Jobs appears to have the look of the eponymous Jobs down to a tee – everything from his 6' 2” frame, to the scruffy facial hair and fashion - and in a biopic that can often mean everything. 

Richard Birkett

Source: TMZ