Man Implants Magnets Into His Wrist For Strapless iPod Nano Watch

Fashion is a key trend when it comes to Apple products; but we've never been a fan of the idea of an iPod Nano wrist strap.  Dave Hurban must have thought the same as well, performing a self-titled 'iDermal' on himself: removing the need for a strap by engineering his own wrist to hold the device via a set of magnets.

So how did he transform himself into the human equivalent of an iPod dock?  Simple: he made four specifically measured incisions in his own wrist and inserted small magnets into them, so they would hold all four corners of the iPod Nano.  This makes the wristwatch simple to wear via the power of magnetism, removing that oh-so annoying process of attaching a wrist strap.

While this does show ingenuity in the creator and a slight hint of 'crazy' that is required by inventors, we can't help but feel he may have missed a significant flaw in the form of a few real-world situations like picking up unwanted metal items (change, kitchen knife, etc), or passing through metal detectors.