The Instagram Camera Is The Modern-Day Polaroid Camera, With Added Social Features

Having already been behind some of the most gorgeous iPhone 5 concept designs currently filtering through the many layers of the net, artist Antonia De Rosa of ADR Studio is now turning his sights on a Polaroid-like camera inspired by social photo-sharing app Instagram.

Instagram Camera 1.jpg

Modelled on the now iconic Instagram icon – that has been cemented on users' smartphone menus for some time now – De Rosa's 'Instagram Socialmatic Camera' concept presents a camera where sharing photos means not only publishing your tanned snaps through Facebook or Twitter, but also in handing out physical pictures to your friends immediately after capturing the image. You know, like the good old days.

Given the eyesore of the Instagram icon when made real in the case of the camera (a rounded square camera, interesting...), De Rosa's conceptual animations showcase a camera so unique it's difficult not to admire its every curve. With the combination of its built-in printer that is reminiscent of the long-defunct Polaroid, Wi-Fi connectivity, sleek 4:3 touchscreen and dual lenses for easy snapping and photo editing; the camera is a superbly-realised blend of the old and new, retro and yet at the same time unequivocally built for the modern age. Quite simply, it looks brilliant.

And yet at the time of writing the IndieGoGo crowd-funded project has only raised a drop-in-the-pond figure of $730, dwarfed by the $50,000 sum that De Rosa is hoping to reach before the deadline set for Sunday 1st July. De Rosa explains in the project's notes how the $50,000 will guarantee him to find a “real good partner to finalise the project”, while contributors will also receive a “massive discount” on the final price of the camera – something he's hoping will be under $350 when at market. As the description aptly puts it; “Instagram Socialmatic is only a concept... But, maybe, it could became real...”

The full list of the Socialmatic's features are as follows:

    - 16 GB mass storage;
    - WiFi and Bluetooth;
    - 4:3 touchscreen;
    - 2 main lens, first for main capture, second for 3D filters, webcam applications and QR Code capturing;
    - Optical zoom;
    - Led Flash;
    - Internal printer to make your Instagram photos real;
    - Paper cartridge with Instagram Paper Sheets;
    - Dedicated 4 colors ink tanks;
    - InstaOs 1.0, which put together Facebook and Instagram App feature;
    - Pairing with iPhone and Android App.

Pledge to the Socialmatic project here via IndieGoGo.

Richard Birkett