Sleep Mask ‘Remee’ Allows You To Control Your Dreams, Inception-Style


“Dreams feel real when we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realise something was actually strange.”

What if you were able to identify dream from reality? What would you do if that world you’re seeing you knew to be made up of projections of your subconscious? Defined by Lucidnet as a state in which you become “aware that you are dreaming, and when you become aware of your dreams, you can start learning to influence and control [them],” 'lucid dreaming' has been scientifically researched for decades but is still relatively unknown to the average person. But that might well be set to change…

Having successfully completed a funding campaign on Kickstarter -- the team behind this particular project saw its own expected figure ($35,000) dwarfed by the $572,891 sum they eventually saw pledged –- the New York-based Bitbanger Labs have come up with a special REM (Rapid Eye Movement) mash that they claim will help propel wearers of the new invention into a lucid state of dreaming.

Already on sale at the $95 mark, the 'Remee' is the creation of Bitbanger co-founders Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan and is said to ‘recognise’ when the sleeper enters REM sleep (where most dreaming occurs) and signal to the wearer that they are in fact dreaming. Upon realising you are in a dream, it’s obviously possible to go wherever and do whatever you can think of; take your first weightless steps on the moon, travel back in time, make an entire house out of marshmallow, to simply do whatever you desire… As its makers enthuse, “lucid dreaming can be one of the most profound things you can experience in this life.”

The Remee itself may look like an ordinarily bland sleeping mask, but the product instead features a series of six red LED lights that can be programmed to light up in a user-defined sequence when the wearer enters REM sleep. Too faint to wake the sleeper up but bright enough to pass through the eyelids and be registered by the brain, the lights act as an identifier for you when in the dream that you are deep in sleep.

The concept is not unlike the totem objects used in Christopher Nolan’s Inception -- an object whose characteristics are unique, and used to test whether in a dream or reality -- only with the likes of Cobb’s spinning top and Arthur’s weighted red dice replaced with a pre-programmed light order that can be specified on the Remee website and thus noticeable within the dream.

This is what dreams are made of… Well, could be.

Due to be shipping as soon as August of this year, you can learn more about Remee on the official website,

Richard Birkett