‘Feel Me’ App Adds Personal Touch To Texting

Compared to the likes of a phonecall or skype conversation (see or hear the person's emotions), beyond emoticons it's been a difficult task to convey that same human contact in a text. That's where Marco Triverio plans to change things with 'Feel Me.'

Created as his final project at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, the premise to the app is simple: a small red dot is shown on the screen, symbolising where the other person's finger is currently pressing.  If you were to touch that same dot, a vibration or sound will occur to give some haptic feedback as to the connection you've made.

While I feel this may take the psychology of non verbal communication a little too far, some may see it as creepy and the concept is sort of gimmicky; but this is a pretty neat idea of implementing transient qualities to texting.

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Jason England