BBC Mistakes 'Halo' Emblem For United Nations Logo On Live TV

The BBC may have gotten slightly ahead of itself with this by about a couple centuries, as a news broadcast put out the logo image of Halo's own "United Nations Space Command," insteaf of the UN emblem.

For those who are unaware as to who these are, according to the Halo Nation wiki, the UNSC “serves as the military, exploratory, and scientific agency of the Unified Earth Government.”  The timeline for the Halo story runs through the twenty-second century, meaning the BBC have quite a while before they can run a story with that image!

Cock-ups come and go in the media world; but lets just hope this has taught *insert name here* the intern to not use Google image search as a credible source for pictures.  Either that or the beeb has just pulled off one of the greatest video game trolls.