The LaserSaber: The Closest You'll Get To Owning A Jedi Weapon

Wicked Lasers has introduced the rather shamelessly named 'LaserSaber:' the closest thing to a the weapon of a Jedi you could possibly own.

Built as a $100 attachment for the ridiculously powerful S3 Krypton Laser, this is a 32" polycarbonate tube, which utilises a so called magnetic gravity system that imitates the powering-up and down of the lightsaber.  They stopped short of adding sound effects: probably for the best as even though your first idea when wielding this object will probably be to engage in pretend Jedi combat, this is still one of the most powerful lasers in the world, and definitely not recommended for dueling.  

Anybody who enjoyed yesterday's particularly repetitive "May the 4th be with you" trend will particularly like this, and those of us who hate the day as people who don't know/haven't watched Star Wars suddenly become celebratory of it will love this (not bitter at all about these people...).

Source: Wicked Lasers 

Jason England