Students Build 10-Meter Tall Transformer From Car Parts And Scrap Metal

A heap of scrap metal and odd car parts can go a long way when you put your mind to it. Case in point? This building-high Transformer, which has been entirely made from discarded car parts and erected by a team of students (presumably Transformers fanatics) at the Hangzhou University Students' Innovation Park.


We've seen our fair share of Transformers-inspired creations before (not least the type of gloriously-complex cardboard Halloween costumes that guise humans as real-life robots in disguise), but this ambitious construction takes them all to new heights, quite literally. Seemingly styled on the red-and-blue colours of Autobot hero Optimus Prime, the 10-metre high structure also holds a car in its right hand.

Not only a fitting tribute to Michael Bay's robot-on-robot smash-a-thon, the structure represents an incredible feat of design and construction. How could they better it you say? We'd like to see them disassemble and reassemble the whole thing into the classic American design of the Peterbilt 379 truck. Now that'd be impressive.

Richard Birkett

Source: Metro