The Apple HDTV Is Real And Will Feature Siri And Video Calling Via Facetime


News surrounding an Apple-branded high-definition TV has been somewhat scarce these past few months. We first caught wind of the strong possibility of such a device in November of last year, although we had heard little since then. And yet, the Apple iTV is entirely real, according to a source close to Cult of Mac, and he’s not working off of leaked memos or estimations: he’s seen it with his own two eyes.

According to Cult of Mac, who relay the information received from its source, the Apple HD TV is similar in style to the range of LED-backlit cinema displays currently being sold by the company but “is much bigger” than the similar Thunderbolt series of monitors. In fact, previous rumours suggested that Apple’s high-def screens would come in 32-inch and 37-inch models. Though “much bigger” would imply to me at least that even those adequately-sized specs will be joined with an even larger set, possibly 40” or larger, though that remains unseen.

The TV is also said to feature the iPhone 4S’s most talked about feature, the voice-activated personal assistant ‘Siri’. In a mock-up created by Dan Draper Design on the Cult of Mac website, an exchange between the user and the TV sees Siri recommending a film based on the users’ favourite movies, most likely determined from a pre-set list or iTunes rating. It’s a no-brainer, of course. Siri, however impressive, has mostly taken the backseat for iPhone 4S users simply because trying to find information the AI assistant retrieves can all be done in one or two touches and taps anyway. Sat at your couch with no remote in sight (such a burden), it will become genuinely useful.

A built-in iSight camera is also said to be included, allowing users to make video conference calls via Facetime – face-tracking will mean the camera keeps you in frame as you walk around the room – while Airplay, the technology that lets you stream content through various iDevices around the house, is also fully expected to join it.

In his biography penned by Walter Isaacson, the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is quoted as claiming he’d “finally cracked” the design of an “integrated television set” that seamlessly syncs with devices and with iCloud and has the “simplest user interface you could imagine”. Could this really be it?

Richard Birkett

Source: Cult of Mac

Image Credit: Cult of Mac/Created by Dan Draper Design