Computer Scientists Develop App That Detects The Hostility Of Incoming Texts

Computer scientists from the University of Portsmouth have developed a unique mobile phone application for Android that scans texts, instant messages and emails for tell-tale signs of hostility or anger in order to warn the intended recipient of the tone of the incoming message.

The phone app named “Stress @ Work”, which has been designed for Google’s Android platform but is expected to roll-out to other platforms in the coming year, then colour-codes all messages in order to signal the expectant intonation of that to be read. ‘Friendly’ messages are coloured a favourable green, while angry and abusive texts are given a warning shade of red, neutral messages are colour-coded blue.

According to senior lecturer Mohamad Gaber, the app allows people to receive an early warning of hostile messages “so they are able to manage their stress in the best possible way.” He continues, “messages can upset mood and increase stress level, just as good news and encouraging emails can cheer you up.” Because trying to convince yourself you are the most popular kid on campus is harder than it looks. Ignorance is bliss, they say.

Richard Birkett