Unfortunately Named Natalie Westerman (@Natwest) Bombarded With Twitter Complaints

Have you been accused of turning a routine software update into a massive debacle leaving huge numbers of people without access to their money this week? Nope? Neither have I. The same, however, cannot be said for 22-year-old English teacher, Natalie Westerman who's Twitter username @natwest launched her into the limelight this week, when NatWest's online banking fiasco hit the headlines.

Twitter isn't easy to use for everybody which became very clear for Natalie when thousands of people began Tweeting her about the bank's problems this week. Natalie's Twitter bio says, quite simply, “I'm a 22 year old woman and I'm not a bank.” but still people are getting confused. Ther following are just a few angry customer's that Natalie has encountered.







Being the nice person she is, Natalie has responded to many of these Tweets helpfully pointing blighted customers in the direction of NatWest's official Twitter account @natwest_help and has even been interviewed by various news organisations.

Natalie will be keeping hold of her Twitter account however. “I spoke to them on the phone this morning,” she said, “They apologised for the mix-up of people not knowing their twitter! Mental!”

And finally, because Twitter will be Twitter here's a Tweet from Rob Bernie Shelpdesk who says “It has been suggested that Shelpdesk is an unusual surname. But my brother Barclay and my father Harold Bernard Oliver Shelpdesk disagree.“