Lego Comes To Chrome With Google Build

Google Australia and Lego have introduced Build, a Web GL Lego building simulator which is sure to take anyone back to their childhood of architectural intent.

LEGO has not only cluttered up your living room floor, it’s also been into space, been made into a real house by James May, and has even gone back to the future; but this is the first time you can play with the bricks online in your web browser.

Build with Chrome is part of the “Festival of Play,” which celebrates 50 years of the LEGO brick in Australia. The project calls itself the biggest LEGO set ever made and gives users 8 trillion bricks to build over 8 billion plots of land. The LEGO set is based around the Google Map of Australia and hopefully, if the project is popular enough, we Brits will too be able to build LEGO constructions in our own virtual backyards.

The official website for the project says “From unicorns in Uluru, spaceships in Sydney, boats in Brisbane, monsters in Melbourne or robots in Raglan – let your imagination run wild as you build.”

Here’s just a few examples of what’s already been built on the site. 

Suzy Aldridge