Monumental eBay Videogame Collection Sells For €1 Million


As videogame collections go, few would be able to match this frankly staggering listing by eBay seller collectors_king (a well-deserved moniker, if ever there was one). In full, the sale includes all games ever released for Nintendo home systems (from the Famicom to Gamecube), all games ever released for Sega systems, and every single game for NEC systems – all ‘factory sealed’. And now, it has sold, for a truly staggering €999,999.99 with €1,000 shipping charge.

The patience and the dedication to ensuring the collection is the most complete and pristine set of videogames is quite breathtaking. As collectors_king describes within the listing description, the collection is the product of over 20 years worth of trying to come by the “VERY BEST copies” for every single title included within. “As an example” he says, “for the PC Engine factory sealed full-set, I got sometimes more than 50 copies for a precise title, and I kept the BEST one out of the 50 for myself. That gives you an idea of the mintness of such [a] collection. You get the best of the best.”

Despite the guarantee he would consider offers for each ‘full-set’ from prospective buyers individually; it appears the listing was settled in-full for the total €1 million asking price. There are those that collect videogames, and then there are those that collect videogames. You can take a look at the full eBay listing here.

Richard Birkett