HMV Promotes Non-Existent Nintendo 3DS XL With Two Analog Sticks

So the Nintendo 3DS XL has been gathering promotional momentum in the portable gaming market.  But it seems the excitement has got to HMV, as they have put up ads in their stores promoting a version of the console which doesn't actually exist.

Spotted at the chain's Cardiff store, the console itself and various other details are wholly incorrect.  The screens are actually 90% larger not 82%, the battery doesn't last 10 hours in 3D, oh and what it is a photoshopped image of the original 3DS to incorporate a second analog stick ('ideal for left handed players,' brilliant logic)!  British gamer Warerare noticed the ads, took the snap and sent it into Go Nintendo to put the brand to humiliating shame.

Faster than you can say "don't pick the first image you find on Google," our sources have informed us that this is just isolated to this particular store: a piece of promotional material created by the team members of HMV Cardiff.  This means that this is just an isolated incident, and won't be on a national scale.  Pray for store employees, as this story has gone rather international, and a little background research wouldn't hurt..

Source: Go Nintendo 

Jason England