McDonald's Staff Deny Assault. Inventor Counters With Photo

The staff members at McDonald's in Paris, France have denied Eyetap inventor Steve Mann's claims of assault and damage to himself and his Digital Eye Glass device, claiming that the altercation never happened.

In a statement released on the McDonald's France Facebook page, the company insure the public of a continuing investigation, and discuss the key points of their findings so far:

"The presence of a video monitor attached to the belt and relaying real-time images from inside the restaurant are the source of exchange between security personnel and Mr. Mann. According to employees, trade with Mr. Mann were respectful and polite..

..McDonald's France said that no statement relating to physical assault against Mr. Mann were found in the testimonies of the people heard. Given the extremely serious allegations against its employees, the investigation continues and all the personal testimonies of the restaurant will be considered..

..McDonald's France vigorously reaffirms that the contract of trust between the sign of its 1.7 million daily users in the Hexagon is based on values of hospitality, service and mutual respect."

So essentially, they're denying their action in what is dubbed as the "world's first cybernetic hate crime," saying they didn't touch the guy...then Steve Mann responded by posting this photo on his blog, and throwing their current statement out the window.
Steve claims that this was "not a direct hit like a punch in the face, but a side-swipe, grabbing motion."  With all of what's happened thus far, it's fair to say that this is far from over.

But this presents a few more overbearing questions, especially relevant before the imminent release of Project Glass.  What will be the public reaction to humans with wearable or embedded technology? Does a piece of technology like this cross the line in the sand between human and cyborg? And does this make them a separate class of people, who need their own protection from hate crimes?  The story continues.

Jason England