3D Printer Used To Create A Fully Working Gun

A gun enthusiast has printed a weapon using schematics that he downloaded off the internet, and managed to successfully fire it.

The top section looks relatively like a toy (possibly a BB gun); but as the man explains, he printed the lower receiver to be compatible with a .22 pistol cartridge (using a mid-to-late 90s Stratsys 3D printer), attached the two components together and managed to make a fully working firearm.  An odd curiosity about this is the fact that the American Gun Control Act will only count the lower section as a firearm.

The man, with the online screen name "HaveBlue," fired more than 200 rounds after building the gun to test it.  After this he posted the design on a publicly accessible website of 3D objects for people to try out.  "No, it did not blow up into a bazillion tiny plastic shards and maim me for life," the man commented on the AR15 forum.

In terms of legalities of this practice, it's very much been up for debate.  The gun enthusiasts on the form have said it would leave no "meaningful way to restrict and infringe on the private civilian ownership of modern firearms."  However, as one user has questioned, the DIY aspect of it could leave "HaveBlue" in the potential position of breaking the law.

"Maybe it's just me, but posting pictures of an operational lower reciever that doesn't have a serial number....That just sounds like your asking for the feds to pound on your door.  Either way, it's still pretty cool."

And so comes the countdown to when somebody can be charged with constructive intent.  A somewhat eye-opening story.

Jason England