An Open Letter to “Adam C” of Airborne Gamer

Dear Adam,

We hope you are enjoying those hits you're most probably receiving for this idiotic piece of sexist prose.  A personal metaphorical pat-on-the-back from us: you've attracted attention and revenue to Airborne Gamer with the journalistic equivalent of deliberately trapping your balls in a car door.

For those curious, feel free to have a little read of 'This is Why Girls Suck At Gaming.'

Does it feel good to get back at that one girl who clearly burned you a while back? Or maybe your Mother is the only woman in the world worthy of you? But generalising about misogynists aside...

Girls generally suck at games compared to guys as a whole. It’s a bizarre phenomena that has mystified men throughout history. Here is why…

Oh Mr C, you are clearly an expert. After all, who else would know that our “passion is collectively focussed on shopping, gossiping and talking on the phone for long hours while approaching their purchased mobile usage minutes and nonchalantly passing them as though limits were for the weak and poor.” Yes, you're right Mr C! I can't play games because I'm too busy shopping for a better value mobile phone contract to suit my urge for needless conversation. One would think that the only females that Mr C has ever witnessed in his life are the fictitious giggly creatures that only exist in the Disney Channel. 

Girl gamer.jpg

Your next masterful insight recognises that we girls are “social creatures” out in our wilderness.  Apparently in an ideal game for females, ”everyone would sit in a room and talk about soap operas, their feelings, and the latest Jersey Shore episode”. Well, for a start there's neither any spaceships or dragons so that game isn't getting any of my precious wages. Apparently it's impossible for a girl to be interested in anything other than unicorns, talking (“Girls like to talk… and talk… and talk… to everyone.”) and the latest escapades of The Situation.

I worry about you, Mr C. There's a strange moment in the article where you starts saying “she”: “She wants to talk” “She won’t stfu.” “She can’t handle not talking ."  I think there's someone that you need to have a long overdue talk with.

“They are wired for nurturing babies and commiserating with other girls about their guy’s gaming habits“ Afterall one of the most notable evolutionary markers of the female is moaning about their man's habits. It's up there with opposable thumbs and eyelashes.

But then again, this could be just me, so I asked some actual gamer girls

(Unlike, Mr C did for his very well researched article).  Hannah Battersby is a students and self confessed grumpy geek and PC/XBox gamer. 

“This guy has a very outdated opinion. There is only a very small percent of male gamers who are misogynistic; but this shithead highlights what's still wrong with the gaming world, and our society at large. Also what he says about competition is ridiculous - in my experience, girls love competitive games. I compete online in games such as Halo on a daily basis, with girls most of the time!! He's ignorant and bigoted and most importantly, he's wrong. I read recently the ratio of male/female gamers is about 60% male 40% female, with females catching up and the majority of age over-18 gamers being women.”

Alex Foxley-Johnson also agrees.


“Whilst there may be less girls who play games, it does not mean that they "suck" at it. I've played a lot of Bestheda and Bioware games, and I'm pretty good at them actually. Mass Effect? Yes. Skyrim? Yes. Oblivion? Yes. Whilst I may not own an Xbox 360, or a PS3, I'm an avid PC gamer, as well as being massively into retro gameware. I own almost every zelda game across the board- and I've finished them except for one or two. I am competitive, I do have the patience to play a game all the way through.

"They are wired for nurturing babies and commiserating with other girls about their guy’s gaming habits. Any game that has no competition or violence is a game made for girls by definition." Just by taking these couple of sentences you can see how outdated this writer's opinion is. I'm sorry, clearly I'm not a proper girl if I'm able to beast my way through the entire Dark Brotherhood quests or get excited about Assassin's Creed. “

But don't worry ladies, Mr C ends with this final thought...

“Quite frankly, real gamer girls are the awesomest girls around.” 

'Yeah, I love real girl gamers! Just hate those fictional ones.'


A girl who would much rather be playing World of Warcraft right now than filling my brain with your stupidity.

Suzy Maggie Aldridge