SDSS Release The Largest 3D Map Of The Universe

This is extraordinary. A mind-boggling, outrageously detailed 3D map of the universe has been unveiled by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, containing images of more than 200 million galaxies and features galaxies dating back to the time when the universe was half its present age.

To produce the three-dimensional journey across the cosmos, the team measured the light and colour of nearly a million galaxies (900,000 in total) to estimate the speed and distance of each individual one from the Earth, in total accounting for nearly 60,000 hours of computer processing time to get the generated data ready for analysis. 

Eventually expecting to measure the positions of over 1.5 million galaxies, take the trip across some millions of miles of vacuum space in a manner of minutes below; across marvellous spectrums of stars, clusters of galaxies and massive black holes. Epic.

Richard Birkett