'We Know Your House' Shows How Many People Reveal Their Home Address On Twitter

It's fair to say people have used social media to the point of realising exactly what they should or shouldn't share for the sake of their online safety.  But that doesn't seem to have stopped people revealing their home addresses, as the social experiment weknowyourhouse.com demonstrates.

Very much along the same lines as 'We Know What You're Doing,' the site utilises the Twitter search API to search for any tweets that mention "at home" with a location tag.  With this, the latitude and longitude data is taken and put on Google Maps to get an eerily accurate prediction as to where you live.  Even as a social experiment, this is still a rather scary prospect.

Hopefully from this, simple common sense can be applied.  Be especially careful with the use of location data.  The open source nature of users' shared data and the ease of access to this via developer APIs is eye-opening to say the least.

Jason England