Some Men Willing To Give Up Sex For An iPhone 5

Anticipation for the iPhone 5 is at fever pitch.  The release is rumoured to be just a month away; but what would you give up to get your hands on it?  Turns out that one in eleven men would be willing to go celibate for a month if it meant getting the long awaited smartphone before the release date.

A poll conducted by questioned 800 men about what they were prepared to give up.  38% said they would make a 'significant sacrifice,' 22% said they'd specifically quit coffee, and 14% said they would go alcohol-free.  All in the name of getting Apple's next-generation device early.

A spokesperson from RoxyPalace expressed his shock over the results: "The release date is just over a month away and it seems many of the people we spoke to would happily abstain from physical intimacy if it meant they could get their hands on the smartphone early."

“People often make the joke that all men think about is sex, maybe in a couple of years the word will instead be tech.”  He commented.

What would you give up to get an iPhone 5 early?

Jason England