Grab Your Wellies, The Inbetweeners Sequel Is In The Works


Just when we all thought our only way to experience the joy of new Inbetweeners was with that god-awful US remake of the very British comedy (if you've not seen the trailer yet, it's actually painful to watch), co-creator of the original Brit show, Damon Beesley, has confirmed that a sequel to last year's film is coming.

The cinematic debut for the four adolescent bumders went on to become the UK's highest-grossing British-made comedy of all time, raking in a massive £45 million off of a £3.5 million budget. While the Channel 4 TV series came to a close after three series, the green-lighting of this sequel seems to indicate there is much more to come from the socially-inept foursome at the heart of the show.

Speaking with The Sun, Damon said; “I don’t want to give too much away at this stage but yes, we have been developing an idea for a sequel...We [Damon co-created the show with Iain Morris] miss working with Simon, Joe, James and even Blake too much not to give it a go.” Iain later responded via Twitter, bringing fans back down to Earth, saying the film is “far from signed and like Damon said, we want to make sure we have a good enough story to tell.”

It is rumoured that the sequel will centre on a stag-do for Blake Harrison's Neil, while it is rumoured that Joe Thomas, James Buckley, Simon Bird and Blake Harrison himself will earn a staggering £2.5 million each to star – five times as much as the first film's £500,000 salary. Time for more sun, sea, sex, sand, booze, sex, minge, fanny and tits. And booze. And sex. We can't wait.

But until then...

Richard Birkett