Goophone i5: The iPhone 5 Is Already Being Cloned In China

It's fair to say that we've seen a fair few mobile devices from China that far surpass the idea of shameless copying beyond anything that Samsung has ever infringed upon.  This definitely takes it to an all new level, as before any official announcement of marketing of the upcoming iPhone 5 has occured, an Android clone has been made in the Far East.

While I don't exactly endorse this sort of industry, it's fascinating to see just how far small-time hardware manufacturers will go, and just how lacking they view people's intelligence to really be.  Literally applying a photocopier to all the rumours and leaked prototypes flying about, specs and pricing have been kept relatively under wraps forthe device.  But with this in mind, we can expect this to carry a heavily skinned version of a much older Android build, to continue the iOS façade, and specs more likely known in the current or last generation.

Source: Goophone (Translated)