See The Moon Through Neil Armstrong's Eyes With Beautiful Panoramic

It is with deep regret that we happened to learn of the death of Neil Armstrong this past weekend. Leaving behind an incredible legacy as being the very first man to step foot on the surface of the Moon, what better way to remember the man who made the ‘giant leaps for mankind’ than with Danish photographer Hans Nyberg’s incredible Apollo 11 interactive panorama.

Itself an update of the panorama originally made by Nyberg to mark the 35th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission in 2004, this ‘super resolution’ panorama is somehow a fitting tribute to mark the unfortunate death of Neil Armstrong and a truly remarkable insight into the kinds of views greeting the crew as they first touched down on the surface of the Moon. Best viewed full screen, the panorama allows you to pan and zoom across the image and better take in the otherworldly appearance of the lunar landscape from the viewpoint of Armstrong himself. Breathtaking.

All 122 of the images taken by Apollo 11 astronauts using the on-board Hasselblad camera (including images before stitching) can be viewed here via NASA’s Apollo 11 multimedia online archive.

Richard Birkett