The Camera Flash Bringing Vintage Charm To The iPhone


Sure to make your hipster friends envious with every room-filled flash, a project currently drawing funding on Kickstarter is set to bring an old-worldly charm to taking snaps on your otherwise hipster-friendly iPhone.

Named the Paparazzo Light and making its way to a $50,000 funding goal set by its creators at the time of writing, it's an attachment for the iPhone that wouldn't look out of place in vintage footage of an old Hollywood silent movie set, as the tireless parade of paparazzi struggle to get pictures of the stars. Okay, so you're unlikely to be using it to snap pictures of a dazzling Ms. Monroe, but nevertheless its creators are confident the Paparazzo will bring “professional results” to your humdrum iPhone shots. With a 300-lumen LED – the brightness output of which can be dialled up or down by preference – and featuring multiple photo and video modes, the add-on won't even drain your precious iJuice, instead powering itself with two powerful CR 123 batteries.

Currently supporting the iPhone 4 and 4S (an iPhone 5-compatible add-on is planned) with an App designed to work “seamlessly” with Apple's much-loved smartphone, you can get your hands on the black or white version of the attachment for just $45. Fancy something more authentic to the period? How about a chrome version for 55 bucks. Oh the classiness...

Richard Birkett