Samsung Report Shows How Much iPhone Influenced Galaxy S Design

Apple has successfully admitted an internal Samsung report into evidence, which compares all design facets of the company's own Galaxy S to the iPhone.

This 132-page report details nearly all elements of Apple's interface design, and draws up comparisons to those in Samsung's first generation Galaxy S.  Taking the stance of recognition that the Cupertino-based company have superior user experience elements, Samsung make notes about the changes required to improve their own products based off findings.  In nearly all cases, these notes suggest that their UI should require features for further optimisation with user-habits, and removal of those that make the whole affair of using the Galaxy S a complex experience.  As a matter of fact, one page (that you see above), demonstrates how Samsung was self aware of copying particular design cues from the iPhone.

In the grand scheme of things, it's clear to identify when both mobile operating systems have taken ideas from each other; but this is a document that, if interpreted by the judge in Apple's favour, shows Samsung's intent to emulate Apple's interface design.  Personally I can see the other side to this: all companies compare, learn and adapt themselves based off the competition, which this demonstrates.  However, in the grand scheme of patent lawsuits, this could be a huge blow to Samsung's chances.

Source: Relative Evaluation Report (PDF)