Nottingham-Based Web Agency Sponsors Magento Developer's Paradise

If one mentions a three day party in Ibiza, the images you can’t help but conjure up are ones of drunk, sun-burnt teenagers drinking fluorescent coloured liquids until they pass out.  However, somewhat defying all stereotypes of those who party in Ibiza, the island is playing host to Magento Developer’s Paradise conference, with the promise this year will bring “lots of code and fun in the sun.”

For Magento developers the chance to give their fingers a rest, tear their eyes away from a screen and to hear some truly inspirational talks from those who are best in the business is an amazing chance to rejuvenate.

Magento, the largest eCommerce platform, in conjunction with the German company Netresearch, have organized the event for the past two years but for those who are sponsoring it, the experience is much, much more.

JH, a digital web agency from Nottingham, have recently announced they will be the only Platinum sponsor to Developer’s Paradise.

This, for the wizards behind one of Nottingham’s biggest expanding development and design teams, is too exciting for them to keep to themselves.

Owner, Author and general all round “director of awesome” Jamie Huskisson said: “The reason we’ve been so eager to sponsor this event is that if we were to hold a conference ourselves, this would be exactly how we’d run it.

“As an agency, we love our developers and this gives us the chance not only to show-case how awesome we are to our peers but to meet a few rock stars of our field – plus, we at JH would never pass up a chance to party, and party hard.”

JH are eager to be at the forefront and advocate developers and designers loving what they do every day of the week.

Jamie added: “You see far too many web agencies today acting like sausage factories and as a result, both designers and developers are undervalued.

“We’re the exact opposite at JH and I believe by sponsoring Developer’s Paradise, we can promote a positive image of how a digital agency should work – treating every member of the team like an absolute legend.”

Developer’s Paradise will run from Tuesday, 25th September to Thursday, 27th September. Tickets are still available, so grab them while you can.  You can find JH on their website, Twitter or Facebook page.

Lucie Moore