The Sleep Project. Your Dreams Turned Into A TV Show

Dreams have always been a fascinating area of research, and a hugely popular concept in modern media.  This is something that Liran Goldberg plans to take to a new level with The Sleep Project: a television series based on peoples' actual dreams.

The Sleep Project is a first of it's kind -- a worldwide social platform that evolves into a TV series, written by you, in your sleep.

This Kickstarter project aims to raise $80,000 by October 8th, and will begin taking dream submissions from then on.  Users can then vote on which they think is the best ones in the "pillowcase" section.  When the project's creators have picked out their favourite options, scripts will be created and those who 'dreamed the dream' will work closely with the team to re-produce every last detail.  The possibility for anything from the mundane to the surreal, all the way to the downright disturbing is making this a rather exciting prospect.

No details beyond the trailer have been released yet; but we're looking forward to seeing the finished result.

Source: The Sleep Project