Alcohol Art: Booze Put Under The Microscope


With swathes of colour and bright, vivid ribbons of light filling the canvas, you'd be forgiven for thinking the pictured image above is a piece of modern artwork drawn from a painter's palette. Instead, it's a photograph of an alcoholic beverage under microscope – this particular one being The Dude's favoured White Russian cocktail – from a series called BevShots.

Taken from the series which captures some of our favourite beers, wines, cocktails, liquor and mixers, the process involves squeezing tiny amounts of alcohol onto microscope slides and allowing the solution to completely dry out and crystallise – sometimes taking up to three months – where all that is left behind is its sugars and glucose. The alcohol is then pictured under a polarizing light microscope, where the refraction of light through the beverage crystals result in the quite phenomenal images. Seriously, how can something so undeniably beautiful result in the excruciating pain of a hangover come Sunday morning!?

You can order your own BevShots art here

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Richard Birkett