Pointless Sexism Of The Day: SomNote is 'Evernote For Women'

If, like me, you're a girl who just adores her gadgets and gizmobops, then there's a new App especially for you! Full of pretty colours and a whole host of features that you can get on only hundreds of other Apps, SomNote is the only way to sync notes and photos to the cloud without you getting your pretty little head all a flutter with big words, pictures that don't have smiley faces and sentences that don't end with exclamation marks(!)

Yep, 'Evernote for women'. Because Evernote is a complicated man's application. Or maybe it's because women just can't stand by an App that isn't covered in little cartoons in an array of bright colours.

SomNote allows the user to “Record and save important information, brilliant ideas, and moments of everyday life easily and securely”. Which, according to the advert, means taking photos of shoes, nearly walking into several closed doors and reading your personal extracts of 50 Shades of Grey during lectures*. And don't get me started on the fact that the girl's pin code is 0000.

*The advert was in Korean so that last one was a bit of a guess.

What strikes me about the App is that it's nothing special. There are even less features on board than those currently offered by Evernote, and the only really difference - other than the annoying cartoon cloud that smirks in a slightly confused fashion at you constantly - is the huge emphasis on 'pretty' colours. What's more feminine than multicoloured folders so you don't confuse your collection of Hello Kitty photos with your recipes for cupcakes? If anything the whole experience is childlike, which makes the App horribly patronising.

With a few tweaks and an added layer of simplicity, perhaps SomNote would meet a suitable match for younger smartphone users. But no. According to SomCloud, this is an App for women. We only have child-like minds after all...

Suzy Aldridge