DARPA Threat Detection System Uses Brainwaves To Spot Enemies

Ever had that subconscious feeling trouble is behind you?  Turns out The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have managed to harness this undetected human brainwaves with the Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (CT2WS): a threat detection system with enhanced monitoring. 

This device looks rather similar to the binoculars Luke Skywalker used and consists of a 120-megapixel camera, a computer for processing the input, and an EEG cap to read your thoughts.  An average of ten images per second are shown to the user for surveying their surroundings at all times, while the system simultaneously monitors their brainwaves for a specific type of subconcious activity, known as P-300.   As soon as these particular waves are identified, images are taken for their consideration of the full situation, allowing them to point out any potential threats.

Testing by DARPA has proven the effectiveness of this technology.  Out of 2,304 "target events" (possible identifications) per hour, the CT2WS achieved a 91% recognition rate, and reduced the number of false positives flagged up from 810 to just five.  Simply put, thanks to the binding of both mind and machine, the system identifies more hostiles and detects them more effectively. Fascinating.

Source: DARPA

Jason England