Skyrim's 'Creation Engine' Powering Fan-Made Remake Of Morrowind

HD makeovers and long-overdue remakes of classic titles are two of the most notable trends in gaming at the moment. Rewarding fans of the original with that warm feeling of nostalgia while also inviting new players to experience the game in a new light, we’ve seen everything from HD ports of the Metal Gear Solid series to an impressive fan-made remake of Half Life with ‘Black Mesa in the past few months alone.

But with what might well be one of the most ambitious yet, a new fan project has just begun, set to remake the third instalment in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series, Morrowind.

The engine behind The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Creation, will act as the foundation for the remake, which appears to have started taking shape in around April of this year. The team behind the community-driven project promises a final build featuring all quests from the original game, a rebalanced crafting system, armour systems and fast travel, as well as all the graphical polish you'd expect from a remake built on the engine home to one of last year's biggest titles.

Skywind 2.jpg

Contributor to the project (currently tilted Skywind), ‘Eloth’, has been releasing screens and videos of the numerous areas already modelled and running in the Creation Engine for some time, and they are really quite exceptional, breathing new life into the game now over a decade old. And get this, Skywind's release will kick-start the next fan project: to remake the entirety of Obilivion (here's a video of Imperial City post-mod to whet your appetite).

Visit Morrobilivion for more details on the project, as well as suggestions in ways you could too help out.

Richard Birkett