Capcom Responds To Stolen Batch Of Resident Evil 6. Copy Listed On eBay


Capcom today issued a statement in which it promised to undertake “a thorough investigation” into how copies of Resident Evil 6 made their way into consumers' hands a whole month prior to its official street date of October 2nd.

It follows reports a “small quantity” of copies of the German USK PlayStation 3 version of the game were stolen and subsequently sold at a couple of retail stores in the Polish city of Poznan. Polish website Neo Plus was the first to pick up the story, claiming it was able to buy a copy of the game from a store, though did indicate that several more copies had indeed been sold to others. A post on Neogaf has since suggested the title is now up for download on various pirate websites, while one copy of the game presumably obtained from the quick-fire sale from the retailer is up on eBay for a minimum of 2,000.00 Polish Zloty (around £379).

Why you'd be willing to pay an excess of over £300 on a game you can get easily get your hands on in less than four weeks when it is officially released is anyone's guess. We have a feeling the owner of the game has been a little optimistic in their estimation.

Richard Birkett

Source: MCV