'Enter The Freeman:' Amazing Half-Life Short Film

Machinima has always been a slightly ropey industry in terms of material to be taken seriously beyond sniping montages and comedy sketches.  There have been some amazing pieces of work, such as Mortal Kombat Legacy; but we were still waiting for that true depiction of the Half-Life universe in film...until now.  Introducing Enter The Freeman: possibly one of my favourite Youtube clips all weekend realises this dream of mine.

The amazing portrayal of Gordon Freeman through what we can only describe as the perfect choice of actor, the building of actual atmosphere and tension, the headcrab looking eerily good.  It's an amazing short film that you have to see, created by fans of the game over two nights in a cottage in the middle of Hollywood for about $3000.

After this, take a look at the various behind-the-scenes clips describing just what went into creating such a high quality piece of film on the small budget they had.  It's all available on their Youtube channel.

Jason England