Nokia Lumia 920 Announced

Nokia have unveiled the next flagship device in their Windows Phone line, the Lumia 920, at the Windows Phone 8 event in Manhattan.

More of an evolution rather than revolution in design, Nokia have stuck to the similar visual midset of the Lumia 900.  It's available in Grey, Red and Yellow, made out of plastic with ceramic side keys and camera badge on the back. The 4.5" curved display up front is also covered with a stronger glass, and is operable even with gloves on due to 'super sensitive touch' technology.  This is all capped off with a JBL speaker at the top of the front panel, and software compatability with their range of audio products, enabling for wireless music playback and charging through stereos.

Spec-wise, we're looking at a 1.5Ghz Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, an 8MP camera, 2000 mAh battery and wireless charging in accordance with the Qi standard (with charging plates available on Virgin Atlantic flights and various cafes).  The ClearBlack display technology has also received a tune-up with smart polarizers.  Calling it PureMotion HD+, this adjusts the screen color tone and brightness automatically based on the sun light upon it.  Clever stuff!

Nokia have also introduced some rather novel software tweaks to improve user experience.  The PureView technology used in the camera is an improved form of image stabilisation and the improved timings of the shutter speed, leading to more photons hitting the lens and a 'fuller' picture.  Nokia maps now includes offline downloading, indoor maps, and Nokia City Lens: the company's version of an Augmented Reality interface, detailing key locations around you, which can be activated by lifting the phone up when in navigation mode.  All of this alongside the spoils on offer in Windows Phone 8 makes for quite an impressive device.  We'll know for sure when we get our hands on it.

Jason England