Wait, What? Makers Of The Goophone May Sue Apple Over iPhone 5 Design


Call it tenacious, ballsy or just plain foolish, but the Chinese company behind the Goophone i5 – you know, that blatantly-obvious clone of the iPhone 5 based off of myriad rumours and leaked components – purportedly now intends to sue Apple if the American company ever releases the phone in China.

According to Giz-China.com, the Chinese phone manufacturer has already patented the knock-off design that will likely bear a striking resemblance to the iPhone 5 due to be unveiled next week, long before Apple even has a chance. With what sounds like another online prank – the kind that reports Samsung is paying Apple its $1 billion damages in nickels – in the mind of Goophone (and an added pinch of twisted logic), since its phone was the first to market in its native China, it will be the iPhone 5 itself and not the Goophone i5 that is the copy. No, it makes no sense to us either.

If the story does in fact turn out to be true, we await the stranger-than-fiction court case. Samsung, eat your heart out.

Richard Birkett