Guillermo Del Toro Still Has Hope For The Mountains Of Madness

H. P. Lovecraft fans may still have an opportunity to see the novella At The Mountains of Madness on the big screen.  Guillermo del Toro, who was rumoured to be making it back in 2010, has said that he still hopes to venture "once more into the dark abyss."

The story follows several scientists who discover ancient ruins beyond a mountain range in Antarctica. The problem is, the ruins are far too old to logically exist: they seem to date from well before humans began to walk on two legs. Not only this, but the remains of strangely evolved creatures are found, which nobody can identify. Further exploration leads to a horrifying truth and a dangerous enemy.

Del Toro had previously been worried that the film would seem too similar to Ridley Scott's Prometheus; but after seeing it decided that since Lovecraft was there first, he'd try to make his film anyway.

Fingers crossed we may still see one of Lovecraft's masterpieces come to our cinemas.

Helen Gould