'Beatoven.' Make And Mix Music With A Cooking Pot

Korean artist Viktor Jan has combined music and cooking in a way you've never known before with Beatoven.  We understand that they are rather similar in their craft of blending certain ingredients for the perfect sound; but this is a more literal transition of that idea, adding a music interface to a cooking pot.

This self-contained cooker/music interface proof-of-concept introduces some rather innovative ideas to the table.  Small electrified objects are placed into the pot, which send current through to an Arduino-powered MIDI interface that plays back tunes.  

Giving a new definition to 'cooking sounds,' each object will play a different piece of music, all of which can be controlled by various chef-like gestures: using the cooker-style mixer knobs, or simply opening and closing the pot.  

"Using the cooking process as a metaphor gives the affordances of a DJ Mixer to users, therefore even those who have not been involved with music production before can use it without having someone to teach them."

We look forward to seeing how acoustics like this could be used to aid cooking, or whether it will make for a rather distincive DJ set.

beatoven Lite from Viktor Jan on Vimeo.


Jason England