'Sound Bottle' Captures And Remixes The Soundtrack Of Your Life

Re: Sound Bottle is rather unlike any audio recording device you've ever seen before.  It's a device that captures and plays back noises, operated by the simple act of lifting the cork and opening the bottle.

Designed by Jun Fujiwara of Japan's Tama Art University, the exact hardware and software used to create this prototype have so far been kept under wraps.  Uncork the bottle and it will automatically record if sound is detected, storing the audio as a sample.  This is accompanied with the visual stimulation of lights in the bottle, to signify the audio levels.  

After capturing various noises, simply open the bottle in a quiet place, and it will playback all you have recorded in an automatically generated musical composition.  It's a fascinatingly technical idea, bridging art and music technology with a rather natual interface, winning the 2012 Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award.

Jun has not made any further announcements as to the development of the project.  Would make a rather enticing Kickstarter Project.

Re: Sound Bottle from Jun Fujiwara on Vimeo.


Source: Jun Fujiwara (Vimeo)