Short Film 'Voice Over' Takes New Look At Storytelling

A new 10-minute movie from Kamel Films has been taking film festivals by storm, winning 44 awards for its humourous and incisive take on narrative.

The film explores all the different journeys a narrator can take their audience on, and all the possibilities that are at their fingertips as artists. As you may expect from the title, an ominous voice over guides us on our journey through the film, and leaves us in suspense throughout.

The film opens with a lost astronaut, gasping for air...or does it? Perhaps the astronaut is in fact a French soldier, battling for his life. Or maybe he is a fisherman, in trouble and struggling to survive.

What exactly is the story that is being told? Is there any one single story at all? Has there ever been?

Watch it here to make up your mind.

Helen Gould