'Genocide Dolphins.' First-Person Shooter Takes You On A Surreal Trip

Kickstarter is rapidly becoming a place for the weird and wonderful ideas of indie game developers to get off the ground, and "Genocide Dolphins" certainly has the potential to match both of those descriptors.

The game is about neither genocide nor dolphins, but instead takes the player through a journey across strange, surreal landscapes reminiscent of a design student's drug-fuelled nightmare.

Creator Gareth "Gaz" Murfin admits that the game is evolving every day as he is gripped in the manic fever of fresh ideas, but as it stands so far the game appears to revolve around using your trusty revolver to trigger very trippy explosions, that nonetheless follow a logical and consistent law of physics. Said explosions are instrumental in defeating various enemies which, Gaz promises, will be blessed with advanced AI, thus making their defeat a highly tactical affair.


Does the game have a story? It doesn't seem like it; but all indicators suggest that Genocide Dolphins is not about a story, rather an experience. The experience of fighting your way through some truly unique landscapes - and quite possibly the very psyche of Gaz himself.

If you're interested, pop over to Gaz's kickstarter page and show your support. 

Jamie O'Flinn