Star Trek Mashed With Sex And The City In Hilarious Parody Twitter Account

Star Trek has always strived to boldly go where no man has gone before.  Now, thanks to parody Twitter account @TrekandtheCity, it has reached the final frontier: the world of Sex and the City.

Think of this as the middle ground between Kim Cattrall's starring role in the now defunct HBO drama Sex and the City, and her role in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.  The standard monologues of Carrie Bradshaw, combined with scenarios from the Star Trek universe, combined to hilarious effect.

“A party of Klingons had taken the bridge,” reads one sample tweet. “But as Samantha saw it, being taken by Klingons was always a party.

Since starting last week, the account has already gained more than 13,000 followers, showing an interest in this most bizarre of mashups!  And who can blame them.  The mixture of the love & sex discussion you wouldn't find too far away from a copy of Cosmopolitan, combined with the Photon Torpedos of the Sci-fi universe makes for something undeniably funny.

The movie title Star Trek Into Darkness takes on an all new meaning..

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