'Beyond The Gates Of Antares.' Creator Of Warhammer Kickstarts New Tabletop War Game

Rick Priestley, creative mind behind the likes of Warhammer 40k, has introduced a new Tabletop War game dubbed 'Beyond the Gates of Antares.'  His company, Dark Space Corp, have launched a campaign for crowdfunding with Kickstarter, encouraging any backers to share their ideas and creative contributions with the team.

Ever wanted to help design and create a new science fiction wargame universe with Rick Priestley? Well now you can.

This early on it’s hard to say one way or another how the game will play, but Priestley is challenging the usual, almost expected forms of tabletop games that have dominated for the last 20 years. He aims to 'allow the more modern forms a chance to flourish' ...what this means for the players?  We will have to see.

Dark Space claim it is going to be a game tailored to what the players really want, placing the power of how the game evolves in the hands of the people who are actually playing it. A particularly significant feature is its basis within a real-time dynamic universe, where the results of battles between armies can contribute to the story of the game as a whole. The History of the game could be written by anyone who plays it, making this quite the exciting collective effort 

With any game by Priestley you can expect a rich vivid backstory, and this is no exception. Already we are treated to a look into one of the possible outcomes of humanity, becoming indistinguishable from technology. Where Warhammer had overtones of almost magic and mystery, Beyond the Gates of Antares is set to be a hard sci-fi to the core where technology rules in weird and fantastic ways, making for potential inspirations of transhumanism.

It is a rare thing to be invited to help one of the giants in tabletop gaming build his new vision, and knowing how incredible Priestley has been in the past, it's a hard invitation to refuse by anyone standards.

As of writing the project has currently garnered £49,258 towards their goal of £300k, with 55 days to go.

Source: Kickstarter

Harvey McDaniel