Original Deleted Ending To 'The Shining' Revealed In Lost Script Pages

The final scenes to Kubrick's 'The Shining' left many wondering at the possibilities as to what took place in The Overlook Hotel that winter, but these deleted script pages seem to clear things up.

The pages contain a short scene after Wendy and Danny have escaped their torturous night at the hotel. When the film was originally released, Kubrick decided to send the film back to Warner Bros. and have the ending destroyed. Now very limited copies of this ending still remain, but these particular script pages give us an insight into how the particular scene might have played out.

Fan site 'The Overlook Hotel' explains that Kubrick was originally very fond of both Danny and Wendy, and wanted to show how their lives came together again after the tragedy at the Hotel. Along with the screenplay, there are also additional Polaroid camera shots from the shooting of the scene. 

There are mixed arguments as to whether the removal of this scene was a good move by Kubrick, or whether it should have stayed where it was, following the ending seen in the originally book version. Whatever the case, Kubrick created a masterpiece in filmmaking that still haunts many viewers still to this day.

Tom Aplin