'Lumino City' Game Uses Environments Made By Hand Out Of Paper and Cardboard

What's your favourite graphics style? Pixel art? Cel shaded? Photorealistic? How about paper and cardboard? Developed by Sate of Play Games, Lumino City is the sequel to Lume, and is created using papercraft, with the everything except the player characters being animated with actual motors which move the sets around.

"For example, there's a windmill in the city, which we could have filmed with stop motion but we wanted a very natural, realistic and smooth rotation," says developer Luke Whittaker, "Using a motor and then filming it, with the associated slight blur and perfect rotation creates that subtlety we were after."

In addition to motors, the developers also experimented with laser-cutting to get the absolute minute details down in their environments. The end result is an absolutely beautiful, quaint little world.

As for the game itself, Lumino City is an adventure/puzzle game where the player must solve a series of puzzles to progress. Though Whittaker promises that the puzzles and the world won't exist in a vacuum:
"We've looked at making the puzzles a more integrated part of the scenes around you, inseparable to where they are, so that helps everything make intuitive sense. They're also very varied. Sometimes the puzzles are actually physically part of the buildings themselves, and for exactly what that means
you'll have to wait and see."

If you're at all interested, Lumino City is slated for a release time of "Spring 2013" so keep an eye out, or simply watch this space.

Jamie O'Flinn