Robotic Band 'Compressorhead' Is The Literal Definition Of Heavy Metal

Presenting Compressorhead: a three-piece robotic heavy metal band, who have taken the world of "meatbags" on YouTube by storm with their cover of Motörhead’s "Ace of Spades."  The technology that allows each of these robots to play the music you see is nothing short of amazing.

'Fingers' (the guitarist on the left) has 78 hydraulically-actuated “fingers” playing a factory-standard guitar, enough to play the entire fret board and pluck.  Bones (the bassist that looks like a love child of 'Terminator' and 'Jonny V') happens to be the highest precision bass player in known existence, though he did get quite the mechanical advantage.  And finally Stickboy, the four-armed drummer.  

It plays a 14-piece Pearl drumkit along with double bass pedal, rounding off a formidable band that has a particular touring date at Australia's 'Big Day Out' this year.  The fact that this act is touring shows the mobility and versatility of the massively complex electronics...Skynet has never been so metal.

Source: Compressorhead

Jason England