'#Overlyhonestmethods' Uncovers The Hilarious Truth Behind Scientific Method

Multidisciplinary scientist Dr. Leigh posted a tweet using the hashtag #overlyhonestmethods on January 7th.  What has followed is a hilarious series of silly, embarrassing and downright awkward confessions from researchers across the world.

 If you have conducted scientific research, you will probably be familiar with the subpar lifestyle that follows it.  Overworked, underpaid, and living solely on a diet of caffeine. Basing research off paper abstracts, as to avoid the paywall, or discovering unique chemical properties after trying to spike your lab partner's coffee, this amusing underworld of slipshod science has to be seen.  It all began with the following tweet:




Think of this as PostSecret, except for those who actually get science humour.  The online confessional of Homer Simpson-esque times of carelessness, or deliberate rewording of papers to sound more 'sciencey.'  Here's just a handful of our recent favorites:

Jason England