Heyward Howkins - Be Frank, Furness Review


Such is the rapid nature of receiving an entirely new album in Be Frank, Furness by Heyward Howkins, following the truly captivating Hale & Heartyyou'd be forgiven to have a slight concern. I can safely say your worries are truly misplaced.

Waking you up after the hypnotic melodies of his previous work, what is clear from the very first note is that Heyward's music has diversified into a smörgåsbord of variety. The new infusion of The Smiths-inspiration in the likes of Nogales & Pundit, and the almost Cuban 'Cha Cha Cha' introduction of Praline Country, all the way to the 70s pop of Lorraine.

Complete with some nods back to Hale & Hearty's minimal instrumentation, this paints a vast technicolor picture of just what Philadelphia's own Heyward can do. And for all the love I had for his previous work, it's great to see some variety.

Be Frank, Furness still takes a rather particular frame of mind to listen and enjoy, but it's clear that Heyward is working towards a more widely accessible piece of music. This is a great step towards that, simply being a really enjoyable listen. 8/10