Read Harrison Ford's Handwritten Script Notes From 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'

Pages of the original script of Raiders of the Lost Ark have been released by a film trivia page on Tumblr called Cinephilia & Beyond. On it are Harrison Ford's adjustments to his lines and his development of the character of Indiana Jones.

This is the fifth draft of the script back in 1980, and it is just covered in Ford's notes. They range from simply swopping lines around to entire pages of questions and observations about the film and Indiana Jones' motivations.

Personally, my favourite is the simple underlined word "Willies" as Indiana Jones is explaining the powers of the Ark.

Read it for yourself!


And we've also stuck the 'making of' below. If you've come here for such insight as Harrison's script notes, chances are you'll love this too. Random cool tidbit we learn: Lucas apparently has a good-luck theory about all the Star Wars films having been shot at Elstree Studios in England, which is why Raiders ended up there during production.

Helen Gould