Treat Yourself To Your Very Own ED-209 Killer Robot

Have you ever wanted to own the ED-209 Killer Robot from Robocop? Well my friend, your highly obscure dream is about to come true! Provided you have £16,000 going spare.

While the ED-209 up for grabs is functionally incapable of actually killing someone, it DOES stand at a whopping 10 feet, has pneumatic cylinders for legs, and "may have been used as a stand-in" for Robocop 2, making it a sort of shrödinger's movie prop.

It may seem like a strange investment right now, but think of the conversations you'll be having when you show it off during the next round of summer barbecues. Maybe with some modifications from now 'til

then you can have it flamethrower the patties.

Head on over to eBay to get your hands on one. It might be kind of pricey ($25,000); but imagine the control. Robocop put it best when he said "Dead or alive, you're coming with me."

Jamie O'Flinn