'Filter My Life.' Instagram Users Summed Up In Hilarious Video

Everything we think about Instagram users has now been voiced by photographer Grant Timothy McGuire in 'FML (Filter My Life),' a short film emphasising a wide consensus of pet hates towards the photo based social media app. He relentlessly digs towards amateur ‘photographers,’ incapable of taking good photos (or even photos that aren’t food or shoes from pretentious rich kids), resorting to masking them with filters. 

Filters are an integral part of Instagram, introduced to be a fun and quirky addition to your photos. Now they’re frowned upon by ‘real’ photographers, which this parody video perfectly presents.

McGuire’s view was purely to mock these users, some of whom value themselves up their with the pros of photography, he reenacts them asking people if they can photograph their drinks, pets and even letting a child choose filters.

He also slips in a perfect finger point to Instagram for changing their Terms of Service so they own every single photo their users upload; because no one reads updates on Terms of Services, they just want to filter their food. Take, for instance, iTunes’ T&Cs, there are more words in that document than Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Something to note once you’ve watched FML: McGuire was big headed enough to upload a Bloopers / Gag Reel to accompany his 3 minute short film, and it was twice as long as the short itself! What a douche bag, is all I can say to that, although one blooper where he gets slapped a few times is rather amusing to watch on repeat.

I don’t want to lie to you and be too hypocritical; I was a fanatical user of Instagram. Photos mainly consisted of the dinner I had prepared which went cold because I took too long choosing the best filter. Don’t do it. It seems like a great idea at the time, but it’s not a good photo, it’s just you (and used to be me) attempting to be cool, showing off what food you have.

All in all, a funny video if you’re an ex-Instagramer or a pure blood anti-Instagramer.